At ToyaTap we are dedicated to creating high quality learning experiences that children and parents can enjoy together.


Remember learning from activity books?
Kids love completing the various activities and they have so much fun they hardly notice they are learning and progressing. This game is designed to bring the same feeling to the digital world. It is beautifully designed to be as close as possible to a physical activity book.


Send animals to the moon, make your own toys, find the hiding animals, play hide and seek while learning new skills, each game will spark your kids world with curiosity and imagination.


Hop in the rescue car and start the adventure!
There's a lot of work ahead of you, You will have to operate pumps, cranes, faucets and other tools to help all the animals with their problems.


The Mix Machine takes your imagination on a ride to the impossible! If you ever wondered what the combination of an umbrella and an elephant might look like - this is the right machine for you..


Welcome to the Art Studio!
Create amazing original artworks from everyday objects. Watch the bright colors splash on your canvas as you let a tornado swirl a trumpet or an elephant foot squash an umbrella.

123 CAMP

Come and visit the 123 Learning Camp where children learn and practice the foundations of mathematical thinking while enjoying a variety of outdoors activities. Come and learn all about counting up and down, identifying the numerals and the connection between numerals and quantities.


Welcome to the animal theatre! This theatre show will take your toddler to an exciting journey to visit lots of animals in their natural living environment. An adorable game that triggers curiosity and caring for all living things.

123 LERAN!

Gradually acquire and advance essential foundations of mathematics and early math concepts. Practice counting up to 20, learn the visual representation of numbers through numerals and assigning quantities to numerals.

123 GO!

This game gives your child the opportunity to gradually acquire and advance essential foundations of mathematics and early math concepts. This game develops a sense for numbers, counting and the relationship between numbers and quantities.

Match & Learn

An engaging pair matching game for practicing basic concepts and enhancing visual perception skills with the added value of learning about different environments relevant for children's early development.

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